@interface BDPolygon : BDPolygonal <NSCoding>

@brief Arbitrary region on the Earth’s surface, comprised of two or more @ref BDPoint “points” connected by straight-line segments.

@image html polygon.gif

Unlike a @ref BDLineString “line-string” this geometry forms an enclosed area.

@copyright Bluedot Innovation

  • Convenience method to create a BDPolygon with an array of @ref BDPoint vertices.

    Vertices is an array containing 1 or more BDPointSDK objects describing the intended polygon. If the array is empty, or if the array contains any non-BDPointSDK elements, an NSInvalidArgumentException will be thrown. Copy is if YES, then the BDPointSDK elements will be copied before inclusion in the new BDPolygon.



    + (instancetype)polygonWithVertices:(NSArray *)vertices copy:(BOOL)copy;
  • Convenience method to construct an ad-hoc polygon using variable length lat/long variable arguments.



    + (instancetype)polygonWithLatLongCoordinates:(NSNumber *)scalar, ...;